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You can begin with our 100% free texas housing service today, even if you don’t yet know your new job start date!  We will start your housing search for housing and send you a login so you be in control every part of your housing and setup process.  We specialize in locating excellent apartment deals far in advance to secure the best pricing and availability for your start date.  We also love finding free rent incentives (such as 1 month free rent!) to help make your first few months in Dallas easier.  And you can start with our free service up to 12 months in advance of your start date!  

Here’s a quick recap of SOME of what we provide in our free service (and it’s all free!):

  • Save TIME by finding Housing in MINUTES: We help you find available apartments in minutes using a patented technology
  • Save MONEY using Early Bird Rent Deal Alerts:  Get our “Early Bird Alerts” on best apartment deals throughout Texas before the general public to save money and time
  • Free Auto Pilot Relocation: Use our “Auto-Pilot” relocation to easily take care of key steps in your relocation and apartment setup with simple button clicks
  • Free Ways to Meet Other New Hires: Use our service to meet others from your university moving to your new city
  • Free Roommate Match:  Free roommate match available
  • Free Utility Setup:  We will take care of setting up your electricity and cable/internet for you at no cost

Begin your free search now!  

100% Free Texas Wide Housing Service for Graduating Students

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