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Our platform and service takes away
stress and opens a clear path to a
fantastic start with your company.
Our platform lets relocation
run on THEIR schedule
for ultimate flexibility.

Now EASY Begins!

Use our 100% Free Texas-Wide Housing Service to EASILY find your wonderful new apartment! Get access to free rent specials and a private login to get "Early Bird Specials" to save you time and money. It's SO Easy...and free! 

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Makes Your Transition to Your New Career City EASY!

We’ve taken over 10 years of experience to create a web responsive platform platform that fits the unique needs of graduating students with busy schedules and demands. Log in and see how easy it is to locate a wonderful deal on a great apartment and quickly set up all that you need to move in to your new place without any stress.  Once you are with our free service, you will rest easy, stop worrying and enjoy your last remaining months in your university with confidence! 

Find Apartment Availability in Seconds using Our Patented Technology

Our platform includes a patent pending, breakthrough technology to make finding a residence FINALLY EASY. You can enter your future move-in date and budget for housing in your new city.  Then, simply be alerted when great deals become available that match your needs! It makes apartment shopping so easy and saves hours of time. (And say goodbye to stress!)

Instant Friends in Your New City!

Making Friends in your new city is easy with our Alumni Alerts!  You can use your system to find trusted Alumni in your new city easily using our "Alumni Alert" feature. The alert will match you up with other alumni from your university that are moving to your new city at the same time as you are.  

Auto Pilot Housing System with Private Login - Let's you take care of your relocation Needs 24/7 - On YOUR Time!

Our free service includes a private login with Auto Pilot Relocation. This helps you keep track of all of the things you need to do to easily move in, like order electricity, check into renters insurance, and more!

Roommate Match: Popular and Private

100% Free Roommate match in any Texas city makes it easy to find a roommate in your new Texas city.  Saves time and money!  (See Terms and Conditions on our site for more details). 

Smiling student using roommate matching software from Homebase Services

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