A Competitive Advantage to Recruiting Teams

Homebase Services is the only Texas-wide service in that focuses ONLY on helping campus hires/interns AND their recruiters.  We’ve developed a very specialized service and software based on over 10 years of serving students and their recruiters. Year after year, campus recruiters for all major Texas cities turn to Homebase Services to give their campus hires and interns the smoothest transition possible to their new position.  Best of all: we continue to provide our unique service to Texas recruiting teams at no charge to either you or your students. 

The unique service and software of Homebase provides a competitive advantage to your students and to your team. Unlike any other service, we focus just on new campus hires and their needs.  Offering our service will provide your student hires with a stress free transition to their new position with your firm.  We provide a smooth handoff to keep your students excited as they move forward after they accept your offer.  We work with transition times up to 12 months between job acceptance and start dates.

We offer Campus Recruiting Teams a Competitive Advantage with our Free Service

We offer Campus Recruiting Teams a Competitive Advantage with our Free Service

Here are some of the key benefits of our service that will directly help your recruiting program and keep your students engaged and moving forward:

  • Individualized, Private Environment for Each Student: If a relocation company is available, they don’t typically start working with students until 60 days before their relocation.  If a student isn’t starting for 12 months, they may feel uneasy and stressed during the time up to that 60 days.  To solve that,  students are given immediate access to our Auto Pilot Relocation Service on our 24/7 web platform. Students can work on many aspects of their relocation well in advance of their start date on their own, but also receive help as needed.
  • Students Can Begin Up to 12 months in Advance:  An intelligent online relocation plan with key dates is created based on their job start date.  All key things that are needed to move into a new city are listed on that plan, with suggested dates to start on.   Students receive email reminders to tackle key things in their relocation without having to log in…it’s Auto Pilot!  This keeps your students well engaged even 12 months in advance of their start date!
  • Patented Technology Finds Available Apartments up to 6 months in advance of their Job Start Date:  Students typically choose apartments when they first start work. Our patented technology allows students to simply enter a move in date and budget range. They then receive alerts for when apartments become available that fit that move in date, even up to 6 months in advance! By applying in advance, they not only typically lock in lower savings…but they also are more “locked in” for starting with your company. This secures things for them and keeps them moving forward to your position
  • Intern Housing: We provide our patented technology above for 2-3 month housing as well.
  • Webex Virtual Tour Provides Emotional Connection to Your Location & A Higher Retention Rate: When a Campus Hire registers to start our service, we immediately schedule them for a Virtual Tour of popular areas to live that are closest to your office location. This tour can include lifestyle area photos, maps and apartment specifics.  By the time the WebEx call is completed, students feel much more confident about their new area.  This reduces their stress and also helps them feel more connected to their new location, which will benefit your retention rate.
  • Most Popular Information helps Your Students Connect to Other New Hires: New campus hires love connecting with other recent campus hires, especially from your company. We make that easy by constantly updating the most popular areas of town and even the most popular apartment complexes selected by your recent hires. This helps create those social connections
  • Roommate Matching: We provide an Optional Roommate Matching service for both new hires and interns. if you choose to include this for your hires, this makes it easier to save money and make social connections.
Students love the expertise and speedy response from Homebase Services

Students love the expertise and speedy response from Homebase Services


Want to know the Bottom Line? When HomeBase Services takes care of your campus hires and interns, you can RELAX. Homebase Services takes over things that normally fall on your team’s plate so you can focus on having other responsibilities …and have more peace of mind.  Your students will be fully engaged with moving forward with your firm even up to 12 months in advance.  Also, having our service for your new hires provides a competitive advantage for your recruiting program that you can promote.

Are you ready to take your recruiting program to the next level? Reach out to us today.