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October 6, 2017 - 5 minutes read


NOTE: Hello to all interns heading to Dallas! Below is a bit more info about our free Dallas intern housing service to find 3 month housing in the Dallas area for summer, spring or fall.

We have recently started a Dallas Interns Facebook group to help you meet other interns and find out more about the area.  Would you like to connect with other interns heading to Dallas soon?  Join our recently started Facebook group to here:  Dallas Interns Facebook Group 

Interns come from all over to work here in the Big 4 firms (Deloitte Dallas , PWC – Dallas , KPMG Dallas – EY , Dallas – Grant Thornton Dallas) as well as consulting firms like Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Company and others.

Come join our new group and make some great connections to make your internship smooth and fun!

If you need housing for your internship, use our 100% free service
Welcome!  We are so excited to help make your internship more successful by providing moderate cost housing in safe areas near your internship locations.  We are a 11-year-old Free Housing Service that provides free housing and apartment services for college students only. We serve all major Texas cities, including: Dallas – Houston – Austin – San Antonio. Homebase Services is a member of the Southern Association of Colleges & Employers .
You can Start Your Search Here.

grant thornton houston housing service for new campus hires and interns

Our service is very different in that it is STUDENT-focused. It is based off of 11 years of working with graduating students. We work around the unique challenges of the student by helping them take care of most or all of their housing and setup for their new place many months before graduation.  We realize there is a lot of stress with graduation, professional certification exams and other factors that must occur before starting your career.  We work quietly behind the scenes, on your schedule, to eliminate the stress involved in relocation so you can focus more on your life journey. We also focus on connecting graduating professionals to social networks in their new career destination. Our service will most definitely save you time & money!

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  1. Less Expensive Internship Housing – most housing for 3 month terms is 100% or more expensive than typical 6-12 month housing. We find inexpensive gems in safe areas that typically will save 50% on your intern housing costs.
  2. Free Roommate Match – to help cut costs further, we provide a free roommate match.
  3. LIVE Texas-based Expertise:  You can reach out anytime for live help to a Texas expert.
  4. Early Bird Alerts Service Save Time & Money: Our service provides a unique Early Bird Alert system that provides you with notice of available rental housing up to Six MONTHS in advance of your career start date.  Our Early Bird Alerts can save you time and money on better rent deals.
  5. We Work On Your Time frame: We realize you are juggling classes or rotations or residencies along with many other things in your life.  Our service provides you with a private login so you can search 24/7 for your housing.
  6. Connect with Recently Graduated Alumni: We provide easy ways to connect with others from your university also moving to your new city at the same time. We also have connections Texas-wide with local alumni chapters from many universities to help connect you to other young alumni from your university.
  7. Quick Service: You can start your search and have results in MINUTES, not days.
  8. Private & Confidential: Your info is kept safe and private, so you can trust your information is kept safe!
  9. Our service is 100% FREE to you: We only ask that on your rental application that you mention Homebase Services as your referral source and then alert us!

You can begin our service at anytime, up to 12 months in advance. When ready: Start Your Search  Someone from the HomeBase Services team will reach out to you very shortly.

Homebase Services is a member of the Southern Association of Colleges & Employers . HomeBase Services is a licensed real estate broker with the State of Texas.

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