Hello Campus Hires and Interns that are starting in 2022! We want to make it easy for you to find great housing at an affordable price. As you might know, rental housing demand was up in 2021. And it caused many to pay hire rent prices.

But don’t worry!! We have some great recommendations below to help you save time and money in your search. It’s short and sweet…check them out below!

Winter 2022 Housing Recommendations to Cut Costs and Remove Stress

We want your housing search to be stress free and more affordable! Here are a few recommendations that will help:  

  • Start Your Search Early! We recommend to start your housing search earlier than normal to secure your rental housing. Some places will allow you to be approved up to 90 days in advance of your job start date. You will have better choices and better pricing to choose from by doing this.
  • Consider Additional Areas to Live:  Definitely look at areas near your office to find that perfect apartment…that makes sense!  But we recommend to also expand your search to areas a bit farther out too. You will find some great values in areas you might not have considered and you will pay less rent in many cases too.
  • Consider a Roommate:  Sharing the rent will cut your rent costs typically by 25-35%.  And it usually gives MORE to choose from and a better neighborhood. 
  • Look for Newly-Built Apartments: New apartments (opening in the last 6-12 months) will typically offer rent specials such as first month rent free.  That gives you extra time to wait for your first check from work before having to pay for rent.   
  • A Word for Interns:  Short term housing can be challenging to find. To cut costs, Interns often select unfurnished apartments and then buy inexpensive furniture or a cheap furniture rental package. This keeps costs lower. And then add in a roommate to keep rent even more affordable. J

Our housing service for new college grads and interns is 100% Free, always. You can begin your search at anytime. Free signup: Free Housing Service Signup