AIR TOUR  – Tips for a Successful Virtual Apartment Tour using FaceTime or Zoom!

Introduction: An AIR TOUR is the newly pioneered virtual apartment tour from Homebase Services & ApartMinute.  An Air Tour combines the live interaction of a traditional apartment tour with the convenience of using a Phone via FaceTime or Zoom.   An AIR TOUR has many benefits for both students and leasing agents. It’s easy to set up.  It saves time and money. And it’s extremely convenient!

A successful AIR TOUR will happen when you keep a few key things in mind.  See below for our tips for both university hires and their leasing agents to make a successful AIR TOUR happen.


CONGRATULATIONS, you are about to see some wonderful places to consider for your home base in Dallas, Houston or Austin! And you are saving time and money…and making your life stress-free…by doing one an AIR TOUR.  🙂

The following are all important tips that will make your Air Tour smooth and even fun:

  • Use your ApartMinute account for Scheduling any appointment (or changing it!).  When you do that, the leasing agent is always notified. So this keeps you in sync!
  • Make sure you receive a CONFIRMATION from the property on your AIR TOUR! Our system will follow up daily for you for 5 days. If you don’t see a confirmation by that time, please call the property!
  • CONFIRM with the property the APP that will be used in your AIR TOUR: FaceTime, Zoom, etc?
  • CONFIRM the phone number and email to use with the property!
  • NOTIFICATION BEFORE TOUR  – You receive a notification 15 minutes before your tour starts to begin!
  • Time Expected for Tour: A virtual tour should take about the same time as a In Person tour.  Usually that’s about 30 minutes.
  • See Apartment AND Amenities: Don’t just see the apartment when possible. See amenities on the tour as well.
  • You should be able to see atleast a MODEL apartment. But sometimes empty apartments are not available.
  • Ask as many questions as you need!
  • Keep it In Writing:  Please make sure your apartment needs are addressed in emails wherever possible to have a written document trail. These can be easy to address in person, but may be assumed but not clearly communicated if virtual
  • SPECIALS  & PRICING Change Frequently: Your leasing agent may offer a special incentive or special price. It may only be good for that day or for 24 hours. It’s normal for prices or specials to change frequently.
  • IMPORTANT – LIMITED AVAILABILITY if under 60 days til your move in date: If your AIR TOUR is under 60 days in advance of your move in date, you should be ready to apply quickly.
  • Some questions are ok, but some are off limits: Questions like  “what kind of people, what age, etc” . Leasing agents can not answer those types of questions.
  • Be Patient & Courteous: Your leasing agent is making a wonderful tour possible! Please show courtesy and be patient with them.
  • More Flexible Decision Deadline:  Since a virtual tour can happen within 24 hours of requested, this means you can make decisions more quickly and be ready for better fit apartment openings that might come up more quickly.



Hello and thanks for taking care of our wonderful university hires!  These tips will help make preparing for your Air Tour with our client EASY and Stress-Free:

  • GUEST CARD INFO PROVIDED TO YOU: The tour request from your client has all Guest Card info already provided. It has contact info, their housing budget, target move in date and more.
  • Tell your Client WHICH APP to USE for the tour!  Please reach out to your client and confirm which app you will use to conduct the tour:  ZOOM – FaceTime – etc.
  • Send your Client your CONTACT INFO: Please send your client the correct email and phone number to reach you on the day of the tour!
  • Please Confirm Requests QUICKLY – Make sure to promptly respond to all ApartMinute email requests from our client! The Tour Request email will have a link for you to click on to CONFIRM, RESCHEDULE, etc.   When you click on the link, our client is notified almost immediately.
  • Please Respond to CHANGES Quickly:  The client will use ApartMinute to send any changes to you as well, such as changing times or dates if needed.
  • Treat this like an IN PERSON tour:   Do the things you’d normally do for a client on an IN PERSON tour, except just do it on the APP. Show off your terrific amenities and of course the great floorplans!
  • OK to be friendly! It’s ok to reach out to our client, call them and more.  Show your place off and be kind and courteous.