Congrats on getting the dream job at Bain & Company in Dallas!  Next step, housing!

Homebase Services is a Dallas-based service that has been helping Bainees for over 10 years to find perfect apartments near the Bain Dallas office.

HomeBase helps you streamline your available options, set up a tour, and prepare you for an application in a timely manner.  And Good News: Our service is recommended by Bain Dallas.

Typical Bain professionals we serve have more complex demands on their time before starting their new career than other professionals.  Our service is therefore designed with efficiency and privacy as of paramount importance to address these demands.  Our service will take care of not only finding your residence quickly, but with a great deal of time savings.  Our goal is to help you take care of much if not all of your full transition needs well in advance of your start date, so you can complete final educational requirements, graduate and pursue summer plans with freedom before starting with Bain Dallas or Bain Houston offices. Our service can also be started up to 1 year in advance of your start date.

We will also take care of the “little things” that cause stress for you, such as finding/connecting your utilities (electricity and internet), providing recommendations on local services and take care of other stressful tasks for you.

Needing to get things done well before your future start date?  You can start our service today, even up to 12 months in advance of your career start date!  To begin: Start Your Search

More About our Unique Apartment Service

We provide a uniquely professional, confidential & time-saving approach to locating your rental needs. Our service includes Skype counseling & real-time availability location in major Texas cities.

We also provide a unique Early Bird Alert system that provides notice of available rental housing up to Six MONTHS in advance of your career start date.

Our rental service can save 15-20 hours of time, save money & reduce stress. To begin a free rental search: Bain Dallas Housing – Leasing Search

Free Bain Recommended Housing Service for Texas New Hires

Free Bain Recommended Housing Service for Texas New Hires

Home Purchase 

For home/townhome/condo purchase needs, we have experienced, local experts in our network that will find a perfect residence for your life situation and needs in the Dallas or Houston areas.  Some Bainees are more interested in a residence to enjoy young professional areas.

Other Bainees we serve require homes for purchase in excellent school districts with a higher concentration of families.

Whatever your need, our experienced network of local experts will work with you up to 12 months in advance of your move to make things easy for you transition. To begin a free home purchase inquiry: Bain Texas Housing – Home Purchase Needs Survey

About: HomeBase Services is a member of the Southern Association of Colleges and Employers (SOACE). They are a licensed real estate broker for the State of Texas and their ownership has been serving Texas graduating professional for over 10 years. 

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Stress-Free Service for Bainees starting in Texas