Hello Boston Consulting Group Dallas New Hires welcome to Dallas! If you are going to be moving to Dallas soon for a new career with the Boston Consulting Group in Dallas ( BCG Dallas ), read on! You are moving to a very popular city with a vibrant professional scene to start your career.

GOOD NEWS: There are some superb areas within walking distance (or quick driving distance) to the BCG Dallas office that are very popular with young professionals! You have some great choices to consider with a lot of distinctive areas that each have their own personality and attractions. Each area comes also with some fantastic apartments to consider as well.

It can take a lot of time to research the areas here and even schedule visits to come see in person! But that may not be an option for you due to time constraints or other obligations.

So I have created CITY VIDEO TOURS for you of these Dallas areas, attractions and even apartments – all on high quality video segments! You can use these videos to get a great neighborhood feel and check out apartments in detail. There’s plenty of great things included here and in a lot of detail so you can get a GREAT feel! Read on below and make sure to click the videos! 🙂 The videos are hosted on my YouTube channel (I invite you to subscribe!) but also on our sister website at uptown101.com.

SO let’s start finding out more about the areas you could live here!

Note: this is similar to the free Dallas City Overview I would give you on the phone – and you can sign up for that anytime!

BCG Dallas Office – Areas Nearby to Live

The BCG Dallas Office is located in the Pearl district of Uptown Dallas. It’s right off McKinney Avenue, which is the main street of the very popular area called Uptown Dallas. This area is extremely walkable and is also near the highly desirable Klyde Warren Park. It’s also in quick walking distance to other areas of Uptown Dallas, which is very popular with new hires for night life and apartment living. And there are many popular attractions nearby like the Dallas Museum of Art, the Dallas Symphony and more.

There are several neighborhoods of Uptown Dallas that are in walking distance from the office…and can be quickly accessed by the free Uptown Dallas Trolley. So that means you can essentially get around most of Uptown and to your office without any car needed. In fact, it also drops off literally steps away from the entrance of the the BCG Dallas Office on the days you go into the office.

NOTE: There are 2 major airports for travelling to Clients: Dallas Love Field and DFW International. Love field is about 15 minutes away from the BCG Uptown office. DFW international is about 35-45 minutes away depending on traffic.

Below are short descriptions and VIDEO LINKS that give you a GREAT idea of the areas, attractions and apartments nearby! And make sure to subscribe to my channel because there’s literally over 400 videos there for this area!

BCG Dallas Office – I’m right outside of your office and walking around so you can see what it’s like. HINT, it’s in a terrific walkable area and you will love it !

Uptown Dallas Pearl Area – This is the area closest to work. It’s very nice! There are actually several videos of this area…watch them all!

Victory Park – this is an absolutely fantastic area that has a LOT of all new restaurants, apartments and attractions. This is where the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas stars play. There’s always something going on here! There are actually several videos of this area…watch them all! And watch Victory Park 2!

Uptown Dallas West Village – This is area of Uptown Dallas that has the most restaurants and shops in quick walking distance. There are actually several videos of this area…watch them all! And watch Part 2 and Part 3 !

Turtle Creek – This is actually an area directly west of Uptown Dallas but it has an Uptown feel. It’s very green and quieter, but with great access to Uptown Dallas.

Dallas Arts District – This is an area of Downtown Dallas that has many of the art attractions like the Dallas Museum of Art, the Dallas Symphony and more.

Popular Apartments Near BCG Dallas to Consider

Finding an apartment in Dallas can be a challenge. There is an incredible demand for apartments here! And it makes it even tougher when your start date may be up to 12 months in advance!

I’ve been working with new hires moving to Dallas for over 8 years to find that perfect apartment here! To help start the process, I’ve put a handful of apartment choices below that might be perfect for you based on the feedback of past clients.

But this is just a small portion of the available options for you. And availability is often very limited, so it’s smart to have multiple choices ready to apply for in case your first choice is not available. So, I encourage you to sign up for my 100% Free locating service to find the perfect apartment for you.

FYI: It’s absolutely 100% Free – apartments pay us a commission for helping you that has NO impact on your rent. It’s a true win-win. Please sign up now so we can remove your stress and save you time. 100% Free Service Signup HERE: SIGNUP

Now, let’s take a look at some beautiful apartments for your consideration! NOTE: Each apartment has MULTIPLE Videos – watch them all to get a great feel of each apartment! Please subscribe to my Uptown101 channel to see all of the videos for each apartment.

The Brady – this is a high caliber high rise right on the Katy Trail. Has a low key feel yet very elegant. And the Katy Trail is literally directly connected in the back of the property.

Residences at the Grove – this is a gorgeous residence in the West Village area of Uptown Dallas. It gives you wonderful walkability to many restaurants and shops to enjoy when you are in town and a great spot to relax. Super close to the office as well via a quick trolley ride!

The 23 Dallas – This is a spectacular high rise in the Victory Park area nearby work. Victory Park is known for gorgeous new high rises and walkable excitement! And it’s also walking distance to Uptown Dallas to add even more attractions to visit.

Victory Place – this is a very fun high rise in Victory Park!

Skye of Turtle Creek – This is a very popular high rise with a direct gate to the Katy Trail. It’s typically much cheaper than other high rise apartments.

THE VILLAGE – This is not only an area to consider, but it also has about 18 different apartment complexes to choose from! Our video shows their common amenities, so no matter where you live in The Village, you would have free access to the gym, pool, golf, etc!

This is what we do every day – find beautiful apartments for young professionals!! Did you know that we have a 100% Free locating service to find the perfect apartment for you? And that your future employer recommends our service? Go ahead and sign up now so we can remove your stress and save you time. 100% Free Service Signup HERE: SIGNUP

Victory Place | Victory Park Apartments

Popular Attractions Near the BCG Dallas Office!

We also filmed some of the best attractions nearby your office! We’ve got a few of these listed below!

Klyde Warren Park – This is a VERY fun park that is in between Downtown and Uptown Dallas. It was built on top of a freeway! Great place to relax and even try out a great food truck or two. Watch part 2 also!

Katy Trail in Uptown Dallas ! – this is an incredible running trail that starts in Victory Park and goes throughout Uptown and even north of it. It’s a great way to get a workout and a fun social scene too. Watch part 2 and part 3 too!

Katy Trail Ice House – this is a very popular eating place and night spot that is right off the Katy Trail.

American Airlines Center – this is a very popular event stadium that hosts our Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, many concerts and a TON of events. It’s very desirable to live in walking distance to this attraction in Victory Park.

McKinney Avenue – this is the main street that goes through Uptown Dallas. Lots of restaurants and night life here.

Whole Foods in Uptown Dallas – hey, Whole Foods is a big deal around here! Here’s the one on McKinney Avenue in Uptown Dallas

Tom Thumb in Victory Park – And they are a big deal here too! This is the one in Victory Park!


Additional Areas to Live Nearby

There are also other areas nearby the office that are popular. While they are not as close to the office to walk to, they are also worth considering:

The Village – this is a SUPER POPULAR AREA! It’s about 12-15 minutes from work. It’s like a self contained small city, with a super cool coffee bar, 2 story fitness center, amazing pool and more. Great place to work from home when you aren’t in the office – they have quiet areas.

Lower Greenville – This is a large area that is basically northeast of the office (east of 75). It has some great pockets to enjoy and has good restaurants and night life along Greenville Avenue.

Trinity Groves – This is a revitalized area that is west of downtown that has a lot of newer apartments.

Downtown Dallas – Downtown is also always an option. There tend to be more older buildings here (lofts) and also some newer mid rises.

Design District/Oak Lawn – these are areas that are north west of Downtown Dallas. They do have some recently built apartments as well.

The Village Dallas Pool

Apartment Search Tips!

Finding an apartment in Dallas lately is quite challenging! I’ve put some tips below to help make that process easier for you!

  • Start your search as early as possible – even 6-9 months in advance! 
  • Extend your search area focus to be wider than normal, to include multiple areas.
  • Be ready to apply early to lock in better rent values for your move in date.   
  • Consider having a roommate to reduce costs. The cost per bedroom is cheaper for 2 bedrooms vs. a one bedroom.
  • Use an apartment search service to save time and remove stress.

Make sure to sign up for our 100% Free apartment locating service! We are ready to help get that perfect apartment for you and remove the stress! 100% free signup here: Free Signup