Welcome, Baylor Bears!  We are so excited you have stopped by!  Let us make your relocation search super easy and QUICK.  Here’s how we can help you!  (Ready to start now? Start Your Search.)Baylor friendly Bears Relocation Service

  1. We are a Bear-friendly relocation service that serves Baylor alumni and current Baylor seniors by finding rental housing easily and quickly in all major Texas cities, including: Dallas – Houston – Austin – San Antonio.
  2. Our Bears relocation service is easy to use…and private, so you can trust your information is kept safe!
  3. Our Bears service gives you a private BEARS FRIENDLY login so you can search 24/7 for your housing.
  4. We provide a friendly, local person to help you for each city you are interested in.
  5. Our Bears service is QUICK! You can use our service to find exact availability in MINUTES to fit your move-in date and budget, even if your move in date  is up to 6 months away!  Just let us know your move-in date, budget and a few other details, and we will have a precise search done in a few minutes.
  6. We love helping you meet other Bears in your new city!  We provide ways for you to do just that through our Bear-friendly service.
  7. Our Bears Relocation service is FREE! We only ask that on your rental application that you mention Homebase Services as your referral source and then alert us.

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