WELCOME Capital OneTexas New Campus Hires!   As you prepare for your exciting new career with Capital One in the Plano & Dallas and nearby areas I invite you to use our the ONLY Capital One Recommended Free  Apartment Locating Service to SMOOTHLY transition to your new Texas career destination. We’ll find you a perfect new apartment  in your new city (or home for purchase) & connect you with other Grads moving to your new city and your local Alumni club. Our service will make your transition EASY and will work perfectly with your remaining class schedule. Start Your 100% FREE SEARCH HERE: Capital One Apartments Free Search.

We’ve been serving college graduates for over 10 years in Texas and Plano. Graduating students love working with us because we work around their schedules and make things EASY!  And, your information is kept safe and private and is not shared with your future employer.

The location of the Capital One facility is in WEST PLANO. West Plano is a very prosperous and young professional friendly area.  It has hundreds of shops, restaurants and night spots to enjoy.  The Shops at Legacy in particular has all of this lifestyle in walking distance.

capital one - courtesy of dallas morning news

capital one – courtesy of dallas morning news

Capital One grads typically live in Plano, but also sometimes will explore living in Uptown and Addison. Uptown in particular is the #1 spot for young professional hires to live in Dallas.  It’s right down the North Dallas Tollway that is near the Capital One HQ and is relatively easy to access.  Living in Uptown means your work commute is the opposite of traffic each day to West Plano, which lowers your commute time!

Our CapOne-Friendly service will save you Money and Time and take away your relocation stress!  And you can start with our Capital One Dallas Apartments Free Locating Service TODAY, even up to 12 months in advance of your career start date!

Capital One Plano Free Apartment Locating Service

Capital One Plano Free Apartment Locating Service


  1. Our service Saves You Time – we can save you 15-20 hours in your housing search by using our unique relocation service
  2. Early Bird Alerts Save You Money – Use our Alert service to obtain advantageous rent deals months in advance. And, you can use our service to find housing that fits your future move-in date & budget, up to 6 months in advance of your job start date
  3. Expert Help – We provide a friendly, live expert to help you for each city you are interested in.
  4. Roommate Matching available.
  5. Private Login – We give you a private login to work on your relocation 24/7, up to 12 months in advance of your job start date
  6. Our Capital One Free Housing Service is QUICK –  Just let us know your move-in date, budget and a few other details, and we will have a precise search started for you in MINUTES
  7. Meet Other Alumni – Use our network to meet other new hires from your university also moving to your new career city
  8. Our Capital One Free Housing Service  is 100% FREE! –  We only ask that on your rental application that you mention Homebase Services as your referral source and then alert us of your new residence.

We are so excited to help make your relocation search super easy and QUICK.  To begin: Start Your Search.

Capital One - Courtesy of Fortune Magazine

Capital One – Courtesy of Fortune Magazine