Dallas Intern Housing – Best Advice for a Finding Great Dallas Intern Housing and Having a Great Summer!

If you are an intern coming to Dallas for a 3-6 month internship this year or next year, welcome to Dallas! I’m Grant and I work with Homebase Services. We are a 100% free service that finds moderate cost Dallas intern housing.  We also help new grads moving to the Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and Austin areas find the best deals and 1 month free!

It’s been my pleasure to work with Dallas Interns for about 10 years now to find summer and spring housing.  It’s not difficult!  But I would recommend just a few key tips to help you save time and money (and relieve stress!).  Here are a just a few tips that I hope will help you!

  1. LOOK EARLY for Dallas intern housing:  Most people don’t realize that you can save more money by finding your Dallas intern housing earlier rather than later.  The more in advance that you can reserve your housing…the better your price will be! Some places will allow you to reserve your housing up to 90 days in advance of your when your internship starts.  Usually, that will be a much better deal than if you wait until closer to your internship. You can save 5 to 10% or even more by simply applying early!
  2. LOOK for Dallas Intern Housing BEFORE SPRING BREAK if you are interning in the summer! – Spring break is when everyone starts to get serious about looking for housing.  So, hundreds and even thousands start looking at that time for great deals on housing. If you can start your search just a week or 2 earlier than that, you can usually save quite a bit of money.
  3. Join our Facebook Group for Dallas Interns! You can meet other interns easily by joining our Dallas Interns Facebook Group.
  4. Consider a Roommate:  Apartments here in the Dallas area will typically allow up to 2 people in the same room. So, you can save a lot of money by going 2 people per room. For a one bedroom, you can have 2 people. For a 2 bedroom, you can have 4 people, etc!  🙂  Join our above group for that (please see disclaimer in the group description).
  5. Stay in SAFE AREAS!:  The areas that young professional Dallas interns like tend to be as close as possible to Uptown Dallas and Downtown Dallas, and in that order. These areas can be pricey, but if you use the advice above, you can still find housing for a reasonable rate.   But, sometimes it can be tempting to find housing that is not in the safest area but that is a little lower priced. Don’t do it!  Staying in an unsafe area just isn’t worth the risk or the cost.
  6. Get Our Early Bird Alert Service: We run an early bird alert service that is 100% Free.   We focus on finding housing for new full time hires but also for Dallas interns too.  What the Early Bird Alerts service is give you the “scoop” on good deals before most of the public knows about it.  For example, if you need housing starting June 1, you can use our Early Bird Alert service to be alerted on housing that starts around that date. We’ve had plenty of examples of finding housing 3-6 months in advance that fits a future move in date…so we’ve found housing in late February for late May move in dates!  When you can do that, it saves huge money!

This is Grant with Homebase Services. We specialize just in helping new university graduates and interns find housing and meet new friends. Reach out anytime with questions  or more tips. I’m at grant@homebaseservices.com 

Sign up for our 100% free service here to find moderate cost housing for your 3-6 month term : Free Signup for Dallas Intern Housing

Have a great day!