Welcome to all Grant Thornton Dallas University Hires! We are a Grant Thornton Dallas approved FREE service to find Dallas apartment housing for you in the Dallas and surrounding areas.   You can use our free service to find full time housing or  3 – 6 month terms and our service is 100% Free to you!  We work with Grant Thornton interns from all seasons, including Summer, Fall and Spring.

What does our free service do?

  • Find moderate cost Dallas intern housing
  • We focus on safe areas within 20 minutes of the Downtown Dallas Grant Thornton office
  • We provide a roommate match (see disclaimer)
  • We provide real time alerts on available 3 month open apartments that fit your budget and move in date
  • You can use our service again for free when you begin your full time career with Grant Thornton in Dallas

To begin our free service, start HERE:  Begin Your Search


One of the things we recommend for you to do is to get to know a little bit about Dallas!  It’s a great map to start to explore the different areas around your office. You can also find great attractions you can visit while you are here in town during your internship!  When you reach out for our service, we will explain these areas and get the right fit for you to  enjoy your internship here!