HOT SPOT LIVING – A Major Key to Early Talent Offer Acceptance

One of the key attractions or selling points of your job offer to your Early Talent should understanding the areas most popular with young professionals in your city.  It’s not enough to just market that your company, or even that your company’s location is in a “big city”, although that might be true. Instead, you will stand out among other competing recruiters if you focus on how you understand the social aspects of a relocation. This includes how to help your hire connect to others that share their interests and stage in life.

One of the most important and easiest way to do that is to become familiar with the HOT SPOTS of your office location’s city. Hot Spots are a relatively new phenomenon in many cities.  Certain larger cities have always had areas that attract a lot of young professionals.  But, since the later 1990s, there has been a trend in cities to designate areas of town (HOT SPOTS) for investment, rezoning and growth with young professionals in mind.  This trend has developed in major cities such as Houston, Dallas, Atlanta and other cities as well.

Why are Hot Spots so popular with professionals?  Typically, it’s because of 2 factors.  First, there is convenience. The convenience of having so many important facets of life in WALKING or easy driving distance just makes life easy for Early Talent. This allows them to pour great amounts of time into their career without having to focus on other things that can take more time if they are more dispersed to use.  The key things that are close and convenient are typically:

  • Restaurants/shops
  • Daily Life needs (grocery stores, salons, etc.)
  • Night life
  • Public Transportation that leads to major centers of employment (downtown, etc.)
  • Exercise Areas (key parks, trails, etc.)

The more of these things are in quick walking distance or very quick driving distance, the more this qualifies as a hot spot.

Second, and just as important, a Hot Spot has a high concentration of young single professionals or professional couples. This provides a unique way to quickly make friends and business contacts. This is very much needed due to spending so much time to start a career.  It’s just easy if you can make friends in the same area as you are grabbing lunch, enjoying exercise and more…if 95% of the residents are also in the same social stage as you are.

It’s important to truly know the latest and most popular Hot Spots in your city.  It’s not always obvious. For example, in Dallas and the surrounding suburbs, there are several popular “night spot” places that attract locals, such as lower Greenville, Addison, etc. But, these places don’t qualify as true Hot Spots, because they don’t fit the 2 key factors mentioned above: convenience and concentration.    Or, they may actually attract a different demographic that is not as attractive to Early Talent.  For Dallas, the Uptown and Shops at Legacy areas are the main true hot spots of Dallas, satisfying both of the 2 key factors.

The more that you offer easy ways to connect to these Hot Spots in your city, emphasizing the strengths of these, the more attractive your offer will be to come to your company.  That’s because Early Talent definitely want opportunities to grow their career…but it is often equally important to them to make friends with other like-minded professionals.

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