Boomer Sooner! We work with the University of Oklahoma to help OU students relocate and find apartments and get set up in their new Texas cities after graduation.  We are a free OU-friendly relocation service …and we take the stress out of relocation to free up your time…and save money in the process!  Below will give you more information about a new service just launched to help more OU Seniors!

Free OU Sooner National Roommate Match – Alumni Welcome!
We notice that many seniors we work with want to have a roommate in their new city, but have a tough time finding someone moving at the same time, etc.  We also believe that many Sooner Alumni would love to have a SOONER Roommate, but it’s not always easy to find!  And: Having a roommate cuts the cost of living and can double the fun of experiencing a new city! To help OU Sooners, we just created a Free Nationwide OU Sooner Roommate Match Facebook group to help in ANY US city. You can join it HERE! (Make sure to check out the rules carefully.)  It’s always great to split the cost and have more fun in your new city. I always say that life is better with an OU Sooner Roommate, wherever you are!

ou sooner roommate match - alumni welcome!

ou sooner roommate match – alumni welcome!

Sooner Relocation Service for Texas Cities
If you are an OU Senior and moving to Texas, use our Sooner-friendly relocation service to help find that amazing places and deals in your new city with our service!  We work carefully to help you save time, save money, and connect you with other Sooners.  We can work up to 6 months ahead of time to find you a better deal in some cases.  When you are ready to start, go here!

OU Sooner Relocation Service

OU Sooner Relocation Service