Welcome students! We are proud to support students from universities across the US this year!

One comment that we get all of the time from students is how we take away stress! When a job offer is accepted, it might be literally 12 months away until the job is to begin. So, during that time, a student has to focus on plenty of other things, like classes, graduating and even that final Europe vacation before starting your career!

When a student contacts us, we use our patented process to take care of key details way in advance of their job start date, so they have a smooth semester and graduate without distractions. They love how we take care of details behind the scenes and communicate during key open times for students like fall break, Christmas, spring break, etc.

They also love our 24/7 relocation web service that lets them take care of details on their own as well. It simplifies relocation to be able to have one space to take care of key details and services, like tolltags, electricity, communicating with leasing agents, etc.

And, they also love our live walk-throughs of their new areas to relocate. It helps to have an expert visually walk them through areas of town that are nearby their new office from the comfort of their dorm!

And, once all of these details are taken care of, we love it when students can RELAX. They finish up their relocation in peace and are fully prepared for a very productive job start with their new employer!

If you have not reached out to us yet for your relocation for this coming year, reach out to us even 12 months in advance of your start date.

Ready for an amazing career!

Ready for an amazing career!