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Houston Inner Loop Neighborhoods to Explore near the Sendero Houston office location

The Inner Loop, particularly the areas WEST of Downtown Houston, are where new university grads and recent grads hang out and live.  They live there for a couple of main reasons:

  1. More to do in quick driving distance…you have tons of great shops, restaurants, events, professional sports events and night spots nearby. The area caters to young professionals big time!
  2. Close to work = shorter commute!  Houston is big and morning/evening traffic can be long at times.  The closer you can be to work, the better, to keep your commute shorter.

Some of the most popular areas for grads in the Houston Inner Loop are (see our MAP below for more details!):

Downtown Houston –  Downtown Houston is also where many of the OTHER firms that the grads that we help are located. For convenience and quick access to the great events and sports in Houston, some professionals choose to live here!  Having no commute for work (walk to work!) and not having to pay downtown parking costs for work are 2 great additional reasons for living here.  There are primarily high rises and old loft style apartments here.  Most places are more expensive here, but there are a few good options for bargain shoppers! 

Midtown Houston – This very popular Inner Loop area is just southwest of Downtown Dallas. It’s convenient to get to work and full of great shops and restaurants to walk to.  It’s full of recent grads.   If you want to meet other recent grads, you can’t go wrong living in this area.   You will find great recently built Houston apartments here…primarily mid rises. The restaurants and night spots are plentiful here. It is 5 minutes from most of Houston’s key freeways.  Midtown Houston is GREAT!  (See Areas MAP below!)

Montrose Houston –  Sendero Houston is located in Montrose! This awesome area is just west of Downtown Houston. This is a highly popular and very walkable neighborhood in Houston. There are plenty of restaurants, night spots, coffee shops, and boutiques within walking distance. The neighborhood is super fun and distinct.  Art  and music lovers enjoy this area. There’s a wider range of people in this area, including experienced professionals.   There are plenty of beautiful recently built apartments here too.  One AWESOME feature of this area is the closeness to the BAYOU TRAILS! This is a park and trail system with almost endless running trails!  See map below for more details and attractions nearby.

Rice U Houston – This DELIGHTFUL , smaller area is southwest of Downtown Houston.  It’s a shopper’s paradise! The area features the extremely popular Rice Village shopping area with over 300 eclectic shops and plenty of restaurants. The area features a quick commute to downtown Houston as well. It’s small and intimate.  I LOVE THIS AREA!  Even if you don’t live here, you need to visit!!

Rice Military Area – Rice Military Houston is a fun neighborhood with a high walkable score. It has numerous parks with many beautiful trees…and great hiking and biking trails! It also includes easy access to Downtown, Montrose and the Galleria.  This is a GREAT choice for young professionals. It’s more chill than other areas and very green!

Galleria Houston – This area is the most WEST of all of the areas we mention here. It’s an area that is right on the edge of the Inner Loop.  This is a good choice for living in if you want to still be in the Inner Loop but maybe need to travel frequently throughout Houston for clients.  More than 700 retailers, fine dining, sports, and hotels sit within two square miles. Inside Texas’ largest shopping mall, the Galleria, more than 375 stores, two hotels, an ice rink and endless food options make it a popular destination. Pricing here for apartments are good too.

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areas for young professionals near Downtown Houston & Inner Loop Houston

areas for young professionals near Downtown Houston & Inner Loop Houston