Howdy! This is Grant from Homebase Services.  We get a lot of questions each year about internship housing and full time housing as well.  I’m writing this article to help you get the best intern housing solution for your time frame and city!


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It is typically more expensive to obtain housing at the 1-2 month point. But there are some good solutions. Here’s a few

  • Sublets – Students that are doing internships in another city or travelling that semester will often sublet their own residence.  This is typically the lowest priced internship option!  And it’s often fully furnished!  This is a great solution for 1-2 month housing. You can do a search for the universities in your internship city and then add the word SUBLETS to it. Example for Austin: UT Sublets!  Note: Make sure that the residence legally allows the sublet!
  • Student Housing on Campus! Some campuses will rent their dorms out during the summer months.   They will do it by the day or week. This gives you access to an all inclusive room all ready to go!   You can often add a meal plan to it for extra. This is a great solution and will fit precisely the time frame your internship is.   To find these, just do a search of colleges in the city that you are doing your internship in. Example: Dallas Universities.   Then do a search for each university and summer housing. Example:  UTD Summer Housing.  UTD does provide a great one for Dallas!  This solution is NOT the least expensive, but it’s definitely the easiest and will fit the schedule well for you!
  • Air BNB – This can be a solution too, but you must really do your homework to use this! The advantage is flexibility…they can typically nicely fit the term you are needing.  However, don’t do the cheapest options on here!  If they are cheap, they will tend to be in bad neighborhoods. The place might look good in pictures, but it might be in the middle of a terrible neighborhood.  Please exercise caution.
  • Friends!  Borrow a couch or attic from a friend, but pay them for it! Ask family friends if they would be willing to do this.  1-2 months is more attractive at this point for a friend.
  • Apartments  – NOT really an option. Less than 1% of apartments offer 1-2 month housing. When they do, the price is ridiculously high!
  • Long term hotels – this is the easiest option by far. Don’t rule it out! Everything is included including the utilities! It might make sense when you consider all of the convenice and everything else included.  Also built in security and good parking!  Options like EXTENDED STAY fall in this category.


The 3 month internship is more of a “break point” for housing .  At the 3 month point, you get a nice price break.  Your rent will be cheaper!  Here are a few options:

  • Apartments – Apartments are a popular choice at the 3 month term! There are about 10% of apartments that will do 3 month terms. And some of these will offer a moderate price on the rent!  They will come unfurnished typically. However, many interns will gladly take the lower cost and simply get cheap bedding at Walmart, Target, etc.  Inexpensive furniture rental is also available if you want a “quick click” solution.
  • A huge advantage of apartments is that they tend to be much closer to the internship employer. Another advantage is that they will be closer, even walking distance,  to great attractions and other interns and recent grads.
  • At the 3 month point, Apartments can be cheaper than just about every one of the above options except a FRIEND’s COUCH! 🙂



  • ROOMMATE – you might consider getting a roommate for your internship! A roommate is going to allow for a better shared experience and also will cut the costs!  So you can get a better place but still keep things economical!
  • SHARING ROOMS – to keep costs super cheap, Texas apartments will allow up to 2 people per room. So, if you are ok with sharing a room with someone, you can get a one bedroom for 2 people, for example and REALLY keep costs low.  Hint: Might want to make sure you get a larger 1 bedroom if you do that! 🙂
  • TOURING – unless you have super solid information about the place you like…you might want to take a tour of the residence before signing a lease!  That way you avoid a 3 month bad experience!


I will be adding more info to this article. I hope it helps!



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ApartMinute Sets up Your Tours in One Minute