Hi ISNetworld Dallas full time hires and congrats on your full time offer. You will be starting with an amazing company! This is Grant from Homebase Services.  We’ve helped thousands of graduating students find their first apartment in Dallas, Houston and Austin.

We get a lot of questions each year about things like best timing, things to look for and best areas of town. I’m writing this article to answer questions on how to find your perfect place, save time and keep stress low.  This will save you time!  So, let’s begin.


Great question!! This is really up to you! It really depends on when you have received your career offer for ISNetworld Dallas!  You don’t have to wait until a couple of months before your ISNetworld Dallas start date.  You can start your search up to one year in advance of that start date, and sometimes get a better deal in the process!

Now, unlike university housing, where you can actually reserve & sign a lease for  your new place even 9-12 months in advance…you can’t actually do that in your new career city!   You will need to adjust your timing more into the 2-6 months time period for actually signing a lease. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start looking and narrow it down before that point!!!

You may also have a lot going on right now after you have received an offer…and don’t want to get into huge search mode. For example, what if you have some huge responsibilities right now or need a certification test  (CPA, etc) passed?  Or you have accepted a ISNetworld offer next year but aren’t yet sure of your start date.   In these cases: Go ahead and get started with some starting information from us to set up a good timeline to act. …then wait to do the serious part of your search until after you have your other stuff taken care of. taken your certification test or actually have your start date for your career.

Bottom line: You can start looking as soon as you get your offer, up to 12 months in advance of your start date. Or if you are sure you are moving to a new city even before you have the offer, start then.  But you may want to carry out your search in manageable stages that make sense, to better manage your time (and reduce stress!).

After you read our suggestions below, sign up for our 100% Free-to-You Service to find your perfect apartment. It will save you hours of time and remove your stress. We serve new grads & young professionals moving to Dallas, Houston and Austin.   Free Signup: HERE   When you apply for your new apartment, you will also receive a free $100 Amazon card as well as a thank you for using our free service.


So what can you do if there aren’t housing openings yet in your new city, but you want to start looking?  PLENTY!!! Here are some great ways to begin!

ONE – PICK YOUR FAVORITE AREA NEAR the ISNetworld Dallas Office! 

So you are moving to a new city, and it’s a lot bigger than your university surroundings. So it’s important to figure out the best areas or neighborhoods that would work best for you.  Best Areas of town are constantly changing in each town!  New areas spring up, while other areas become run down or even unsafe.  It’s super important to use very current information when picking your area.  Consult with a relocation expert and also ask friends that have RECENTLY graduated and moved there.

Here are some of the exciting areas to consider near the Dallas ISNetworld office on McKinney Avenue:

Uptown Dallas

UPTOWN DALLAS:  You can also explore the UPTOWN Dallas Area. Uptown is “walk to” paradise. It’s built so that you can walk to everything quickly like restaurants, events and night life…and leave the car at home!

Uptown also has the great 4 mile KATY TRAIL, a running/walking trail to destress and get a great workout anytime. The Katy Trail (and living close to it) is VERY popular with recent grads.

The Katy Trail in Uptown Dallas

The Katy Trail in Uptown Dallas

Best of all, the free Uptown Trolley goes all parts of Uptown Dallas. It’s a handy feature because you can use it to not only get throughout Uptown, but it also empties into Downtown Dallas.

You can catch The Uptown Trolley (called MATA) at several spots in the area.  This trolley goes SOUTH into the “night spot” area of McKinney Avenue in the south. So you can live in the North, visit the South, but leave some of the noise behind at night. J

There’s basically about 4 pocket areas of Uptown Dallas. Here’s a brief description of each:

Uptown Area 1: West Village Uptown Dallas – This is the Northern most part of Uptown. There’s a lot to do here all in walking distance, including great shops, sooo many restaurants and night spots too.  This is a good place to select if you want to be a little quieter at night but still feel like you are in the middle of everything.  LOVE this area!

Uptown Area 2:  McKinney Avenue Nightclub Scene: In the south, there’s a 2-4 block area that has a large amount of clubs in walking distance.  This is a very lively area, but also can be very noisy! This is more of a great area to visit. But you might choose to live in other areas to get sleep at night.

Uptown Area 3:  Interior Uptown Dallas (Middle): There is a middle part of Uptown that is west of McKinney Avenue.  It can be cool to live here. It has some cool “insider places” that some tourists don’t visit as much, like BBC, Kung Fu, etc.    One of my favorite places to live here is the AMLI Quadrangle. It’s just 1 block west of McKinney Avenue, so it avoids the noise of McKinney Ave. But it is super close walking distance to plenty of other places.  They just renovated this great place too, and it’s beautiful!  Sign up for our Free ApartMinute.com touring app and set up your visit on 60 seconds!

Uptown Area 4: Pearl/Victory Park:  There’s a super south area that is frankly pretty cool and stunning! This the area if you want to live in a high rise. If you choose Victory Park, it’s also going to be walking distance to the American Airlines Center, full of sports events, concerts and plenty of shops and restaurants nearby.

To find out more about Uptown, you might visit our sister company blog: Uptown101. It’s packed with articles about Uptown!

LOWER GREENVILLE: Another area nearby that’s super popular is Lower Greenville.  Lower Greenville is known for great live music and unique places to hang out.  Most of the actual restaurants and nightspot activity is along Greenville Avenue.  But there are a lot of areas nearby there that might be worth checking out.  Prices are about the same here as in Uptown.

Apartment Balcony in Knox Henderson area

Apartment Balcony in Knox Henderson area – Courtesy Alexan Lower Greenville

KNOX HENDERSON:  The Knox Henderson area is just north of Uptown. This area is a more CHILL version of Uptown. Still plenty of things to do here in walking distance. But the crowd here skews a little older.   One of my favorite places to eat is here and it’s called CAFE MADRID.  They  specialize in Spanish TAPAS…this is food served on little plates, where you can try tons of things for a smaller price.  Go visit this great place!  Housing here tends to be pricey!!

MIDTOWN DALLAS:  Midtown Dallas is gaining steam and added more new places the past couple of years. It’s convenient to Downtown and Uptown.   Prices are a bit lower here too.  The VILLAGE is located here (a set of 12 residences with reasonable prices). The Village is almost finished with their “MAIN STREET” huge outdoor entertainment area! This is already a great place to live and will be even better. Worth checking out!

Main Street Village area

Main Street Village area

TRINITY GROVES: This area continues to grow! It’s just west of Downtown. It has a “mini Uptown” feel with shops and restaurants. And how about taking a run over the Trinity River using the free jogging trail next to the bridge!  Plenty of new places here and great values. Check this out!!

Trinity Groves near Uptown

Trinity Groves near Uptown

DOWNTOWN DALLAS:  This area is of course convenient to work!  It’s also full of downtown high rises and lofts. I’d personally choose this area if you want to have a more traditional “downtown loft” – where an old building has been converted into a set of lofts.  Also, downtown Dallas is generally very safe.   However, one negative of Downtown is the parking! If you don’t want a traditional loft, you can get a better value and in a more popular area with choosing other areas.

DEEP ELLUM: Deep Ellum is just east of Downtown Dallas.  This was a dead area for a while, but now it’s thriving again! Deep Ellum is known for live music and night life.  It’s also getting a lot of exciting attractions and apartments. You might consider one of these: The Crosby. See more below!

Deep Ellum Dallas

Deep Ellum Dallas – Image courtesy of PaperCityMag.com

ADDISON: Addison is directly north of Dallas along with the North Dallas Tollway.  Addison is great for professionals and has many restaurants, live music and some amazing terrific events (like Kaboomtown and the 2nd largest Oktoberfest in the nation!). Addison is a good choice if you have to go to the airport all of the time or maybe have clients throughout the metroplex. Very handy to get to!

LAS COLINAS: Las Colinas is continuing to add beautiful places to live! It’s got the gorgeous water canal going for it.  And great places nearby for attractions too.  And some just plain eye candy apartments with everything included!!  Below is one of my favorite apartments to consider: Jefferson Promenade.

How to Pick Your Best Area in 10 minutes

For ISNetworld Dallas new hires, you can sign up for our Free New City Orientation Call. This is a one on one call to  give you a great overview of your new city and the most popular areas for new and recent grads. You can ask questions and get personalized advice. Super valuable and highly recommended!  Also, here is a super quick list of popular neighborhoods for Dallas, Houston and Austin: Popular Texas Neighborhoods for New Grads .  

You can also pick up a free deck of our new city  playing cards! These are a full deck of poker style playing cards for your new city.    We’ve got one for Uptown Dallas too! This is a great way to get to know your new city! We will ship one deck to you for free.


Housing in your new city is typically going to cost a bit more than your college situation! 🙂  But the good news is, you will be making some great money in your new career to pay for it.   Apartments in your new city are going to require that your rent be no more than 3X or 3.5X of your GROSS monthly income. So for example, if your gross income is $5,000 a month, then take that and divide it by 3. $1667 in this case That should be your max monthly rent to shoot for, and it’s ok to go under that amount!


Getting a roommate is a personal decision. Sometimes if you have roommates throughout your university career, then you might be tired of this and want to explore the pleasure of not having to share the coffee machine or see other people’s dirty clothes!  But for others, it’s more exciting to share the adventure of a new city with another similar colleague! Another great benefit about having a roommate is that you can typically afford a better part of town!!  Two bedrooms in Dallas are less expensive per person than one bedrooms. Three bedrooms are even less per person!  Typically about 30% of university grads pick a roommate for their new city!

IF you are going to do a roommate, get moving quick on this because it affects the rest of your search big time!  Here are a few things you can do to find your roommate:

  • Post on University Facebook Groups: Your university has some great facebook groups that may get you instant success here.  For example, most universities have a “housing & sublet” facebook group and a group for your class year.  Post a roommate request here…it’s the best way to find someone you can trust perhaps more!
  • Ask Friends! Post around on Instagram and ask friends.  Also, post requests in the Student Organizations you are involved in!
  • Roommate Match: Homebase has a free Roommate Match, you are free to use it. Don’t use this as your primary resource, but it’s certainly one way to find one!  Make sure to check out any potential roommates very carefully for credit and background issues…it’s all up to you. You can start here for the Homebase Match: Roommate Match



Now it’s time to find some great apartments to choose from in your new career city.  Your goal of this step is to GET 4-6 favorite apartments!! So how do you choose from literally thousands of choices??? We help do this all the time, and here are some of best tips we have over the years to SAVE YOU TIME! 🙂

  • Go with NEWER APARTMENTS:  We always suggest going with newer apartments when possible. Why?  They typically will have some huge features like Better Security and Better Amenities thrown in. For example, if you’d like to get a dog in your new city, wouldn’t it be great and convenient if your apartment had an attached dog park to save you time at night?   Go with apartments built in the last 5 years whenever possible!
  • Go with APARTMENTS OFFERING SPECIALS!  Often newer apartments are not as full, so they will offer great specials like first month free to new residents.   Older apartments won’t tend to offer these specials as much.   When you have a one month free special given to you, you can use this to reduce your overall rent.  Usually these are apartments built in the last 3 years.
  • KEY FEATURES TO LOOK FOR: Here are some key features in general to look for that are in better places to live:   Free Garage Parking, W/dryer Included in your room, Secured Keyfob access to every entry point,  Decent GYM.
  • KEEP CLOSE TO WORK:  If you are having to go to your office frequently, you might want to stay super close to work.  It might cost a bit more, but with the time savings vs traffic…and the gas/toll road savings…it really often makes sense to stay close to work!   Also, free or inexpensive public transportation is a huge plus, even if you have a car! Why? Because if you are close to a Rail or Trolley for example that goes to your work, you can avoid the downtown parking costs of $200 a year!
  • POPULAR SOCIAL AREAS:  It’s super important to pick a neighborhood where you will enjoy living and has plenty of other new and recent grads! .  Let’s face it, do you want to be in an area where your neighbors are also a new grads and you can easily meet people?  Each city has several neighborhoods that are packed with recent grads!
  • NEED GUIDANCE?  Use our free service to get one on one personal recommendations on the best, safest and most popular apartments for new grads in your new city.  During our area orientation call, we will help you quickly narrow down to 3-6 top apartments that are perfect for you to check out on your tour!


Ok, now that you have your favorites, it’s time to tour them! So when should you tour? GOOD Question, because timing is everything! Here are a few helpful tips that will save you time and reduce stress greatly!!

  • FIT YOUR TOUR AROUND YOUR SCHEDULE!  With apartments in your new city, you won’t need to sign a lease 9-12 months in advance like when you got your college apartment or dorm.  So you have more time to work with.   Working with natural breaks like spring break, winter break, holidays, etc are always best because they fit better around your schedule.     If you want to come on another time that maybe works better, it’s no problem either!  The key here is that your schooling and activities is much more important…the tour can fit the time you need it to fit.  You want to finish the remaining time with your terrific university days in peace!
  • TOUR DURING THE WEEK IF POSSIBLE: Properties tend to have much more traffic on the weekend, so it’s harder to get in to see a place! So if it’s easier to schedule on a Monday, Tuesday or even Friday, tour on those days. Less traffic and easier to get in and out of places.
  • SIGN YOUR LEASE AT THE SAME TIME AS YOU TOUR:  Again, timing is everything! We mentioned above that most apartments in your new career city will have availability for you starting 90 days in advance of your move in date!  So if you want to tour and then be able to pick your place and put it on hold at the same time as you tour, I’d recommend to tour about 75 days in advance of your target move in date.  For example, if your target move in date is August 1, then plan on touring around May 15!
  • TOUR SUPER EARLY AND APPLY ONLINE LATER:  It’s also perfectly fine to tour super early, way before your move in date!  If you do that, you probably won’t be able to reserve a place yet. But what you can do is figure out which place or 2 you like the best…along with your favorite floorplans. Then, when you are back at your university, check back with that apartment around 75 days before your move in date for openings. It’s super easy to apply online
  • GETTING ALERTED BY EMAIL FOR APARTMENT OPENINGS:  This can be a super big pain…to keep track of when your favorite apartments have openings that fit your future move in date!   It’s so annoying to have to keep checking websites, email leasing agents and more.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!!    Instead, sign up for the free  EARLY BIRD ALERTS from Homebase! The EARLY BIRD ALERTS will alert you by email on openings in your favorite apartments that fit your move in date by email. So you don’t have to keep watching the websites or checking with leasing agents.  You just focus on classes and enjoying your last semester. Then get alerted by email easily and quickly for the openings that fit you.


One of the biggest hassles of setting up a tour is actually booking the times with multiple apartments and their leasing agents! It’s usually so difficult to reach a leasing agent by phone or email.  Then, figuring out a time that works with your schedule and their is also a hassle.  In addition, apartments have certain set hours and days that are available and they may not fit your schedule.   And then multiple all of this by 4-6 apartments you might want to see.   This can take days if not weeks to complete!

Instead, use our new free ApartMinute patented system to book your tour!  Why? You can literally book your entire tour in as little as ONE Minute! Just pick the date, then select available times for each apartment…and then book your tour! Voila, it’s done.  🙂   You can make changes and add properties instantly at any time!

If you get the Iphone App for ApartMinute, it will also help navigate you to each tour. And then use the App to rate each property and score it…and then you have an easy comparison on your phone to all properties you are seeing.   ApartMinute App  


In your university town, rent prices don’t change much…maybe 1x or 2x a year! However, in your new city, rent prices are fluctuating often DAILY. So, the date that you want to move in is a hugely important factor in determining your rent. Your rent can be higher if you apply to rent one day, and lower if you apply another day.

Also, rent fluctuates big time depending on the TIME OF YEAR that you rent!  For example, did you know that rent in the summer months can be 10-20% higher than rent where your lease starts in the winter months?  Wow, something huge to consider!

One of our best tips to help you save money is to APPLY EARLY to your place, especially if you need to move in during the summer. This can literally save you thousands of dollars each year!   Apartments will let you apply as early as they have availability that matches your start date.  For example, if you apply in March for a July move in, you will typically save a nice amount of money and get lower rent!

Another interesting thing we notice that we mentioned earlier: Newer places will offer a free rent incentive (1 month free, etc).  They tend to offer more of these in the OFF months, and less in the months of June – August!  So, if possible, you will get the best deal if you apply in the off months for your lease to start in the Summer months!

One more money saving tip:  If you live in the same area as your new employer, a good portion of newer apartments in that area will offer a PREFERRED EMPLOYER program. This won’t mean lower rent! However, it will mean a reduction in the fees you need to apply. For example, it could cut the total money you need to apply in HALF!  So, always ask if the apartment has a preferred employer program!

And one more good tip to know:  For your current housing, you will often need to come up with 1-2 months of a deposit for your new place. However, in your new city for an apartment, you will only typically need about $400 per person total, including deposit. This can vary based on your new place.

You can use our EARLY BIRD ALERT system mentioned above to be notified asap on the best deal.



When you get that full time offer for Dallas, Houston or Austin, Homebase Services would love to help you find your perfect new apartment. Our service is 100% Free and super quick!  And you can use our new & free ApartMinute APP to set up your apartment tour in as little as one minute!

ApartMinute Sets up Your Tours in One Minute

ApartMinute Sets up Your Tours in One Minute