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Just got the dream job at JPMorgan Chase in Plano? Next step, housing!

Use our JPMorgan Chase RECOMMENDED service to quickly find your perfect apartment nearby JPMorgan Chase in Plano. We are a 100% Free service. We will save you time and reduce your stress!

Let’s start with exploring the areas nearby your new office!

AREAS NEAR JPMorgan Chase Plano to EXPLORE

There are 3 “hot spot” areas that young professionals enjoy living in:   West Plano – Addison – Uptown Dallas.   All three areas are perfect “young professional” friendly areas that have plenty to do during the day and at night.  These are also the most popular Hot Spots in general in the Dallas area for young professionals.

West Plano: This is literally right next to the JPMorgan Chase headquarters.  Many new hires enjoy hanging around (and sometimes living at) the Shops at Legacy in Plano. There are terrific choices for new hires there to live in. We can help you choose the best for your needs!

Addison: This is about 15 minutes south.  It has an amazing amount of restaurants and night spots. It also has some wonderful city wide events such as KaboomTown (4th of July), Oktoberfest and more.  Addison is very spread out but still has a great professional feel.

Uptown Dallas: This is easily the most popular area for new & recent university grads.  You can work in Uptown Dallas (right next to Downtown Dallas) and commute to JPMorgan Chase is not a long commute because it’s against traffic.   It’s a truly amazing walkable experience with so much to do without needing a car.  We love helping new campus hires find out more about Uptown!

It’s rather easy to get to Uptown as well. Your commute will take about 25 – 35 minutes. You will definitely want to investigate the Uptown lifestyle because it’s just absolutely convenient and so packed with other new and recent grads.

Downtown Dallas:  Although it’s not the most popular area of town, it’s a very safe area overall. It’s a great area if you want to live in an old style loft or explore some unique high rise communities. It’s straight down the tollway just south of Uptown Dallas.

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