Hello to graduating students!

You may be graduating soon and getting ready to start a DREAM TEXAS JOB! But your job start date might be a bit tentative right now due to coronavirus concerns OR other issues.  This article will tell you precisely how you get GREAT housing in your new city AND save money on rent without being bound by a lease.

Key Point 1: Applying  vs. Signing a Lease – They are 2 different things! 

It’s important to know the difference between APPLYING vs. SIGNING A LEASE. Understanding the difference will let you take advantage of great savings on rent:

  • APPLYING:  Submitting paperwork to get APPROVED to sign a lease with an apartment. At this point, you are still not obligated for the lease. 
  • SIGNING A LEASE:   Once you are approved, the apartment sends you a lease to sign. When you sign the lease,  you are obligated for the lease and 

College Housing: They typically want you to apply AND sign a lease at the same time!  It isn’t separated.  So once you apply, you are asked right away to sign the lease. Once you have signed the lease, you are 100% obligated!

New City Apartment: When you apply for your new city apartment, you typically are NOT required to sign a lease at the same time! Many apartments will let you wait to sign the lease MUCH LATER, even up to a day before your new start date.

What does all of this mean?  You can apply for the apartment in your new city without signing a lease!  Then, when you get a clearer start date, you can move the start date with your new apartment easily (since you haven’t signed a lease!).  So, you are under no obligation with most apartments in your new city and can wait to sign a lease later.

Key Point 2:  Great Specials are available when you Apply EARLIER

Many places have great rent specials right now like 1 month rent free! But these deals typically only last for a short time.  By summer time, the specials are taken away or reduced drastically.  So, how does that affect you?

If you APPLY during the next several weeks, you will be able to apply that special to REDUCE your rent!   Applying locks in that great deal! You lock in a lower price for your future move in date… but you are still not obligated to sign a lease! So, you can still move the start date forward  if needed to fit your work needs.

Here’s a quick example of how that works and how it will save you money!:

SUMMER PRICING: 2 bedroom – $2000 per month – no special. Net rent = $2000 a month.

OFF SEASON PRICING (for the exact same apartment) :  2 bedroom – $2000 a month with 1 month free = $1834 a month!

So simply by applying early in the off season, you save a lot of money!

Key Point 3: Application Fees are SMALL!

There is a big difference on the FEES you pay for your new city housing vs. college housing.

COLLEGE HOUSING FEES: Your college housing probably had very high fees for applying.  Often 1-2 months of rent is required in advance! That’s a lot of money!

NEW CITY APARTMENT FEES: Typically the fees are very low to apply for housing .  Fees can be as low as $300, and that includes the deposit!

So your fees are low to apply to your new apartment in your career city.


So, the good news is, you have HUGE advantages of applying early but holding off on signing a lease.  The main Advantages of applying early but waiting to sign a lease are:

  • Advantage 1: You can change your start date if needed for work purposes…so you have the flexibility you need!
  • Advantage 2: You get lower rent (10-20% lower) by applying early  (but still moving in near your start date)
  • Advantage 3: You pay Low Fees for Applying for your new city apartment, so costs are low! $300 vs $2000 or mor

Move forward and take advantage of lower prices by applying EARLY! And you can also hold off on signing a lease if your start date with your new employer is tentative.

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Air Tour Virtual Tour of Apartments