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Save Time & Remove Stress with our Free Housing Service for University Grads & Interns

Welcome to Texas! If you are starting your Texas new career in the next 12 months, you may be excited about your new career…but also stressed with the amount of time it takes to check out your new city, find housing, find friends, get furniture, etc.  And then add on the FUN stuff you don’t want to miss like enjoying your final semesters in college, like: attending football games, group events and more.  Oh yeah, then there’s actual classwork too!  Let’s face it: LEAVING College is HARD! 

Let us SAVE YOU TIME!   Our Grad-Friendly housing service will give you get INSTANT STRESS RELIEF & Time Savings so you can finish your school year in peace!  We help you quickly get life in your new city in order so you can Finish Your School Year In Peace!

Here’s a few things we take care of with our free Texas service:

  • Find the perfect area of town in your new city (including which areas are most popular with other grads)
  • Find a perfect apartment at the right price
  • Real Time price updates to alert you of apartment openings
  • Find new friends & roommates
  • Connect your Utilities Up
  • Connect to your local Alumni Association for great friends!

Job doesn’t start for another 12 months? No  problem! We can help get everything lined up and ready and get your housing reserved many months before graduation in some cases.

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We serve students moving to Dallas, Houston or Austin.