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Congratulations! You got the Texas Capital Bank Dallas dream job…now time for housing! And more good news, you have several fantastic areas to explore near your new location that are very popular with young professionals to live! Let’s check out a few of them.

Dallas Neighborhoods to Explore near the Texas Capital Dallas office location

Texas Capital Bank Dallas is located in UPTOWN DALLAS It’s the most popular area of town for new and recent grads.

In Dallas, although Downtown Dallas is safe , many  Texas Capital Bank Dallas grads that we assist choose to live in a few areas close by Downtown Dallas.  The primary area that grads that work with us prefer is the Uptown Dallas area. This area is directly connected (just north) to Downtown Dallas.   Uptown Dallas it the #1 most popular area for new & recent grads to live in the Dallas area. Picture something like 6th street in Austin, or the Houston Inner Loop. A place that has restaurants, shops, night life and more, all in walking distance or easily accessible by a free Uptown Dallas trolley.  A place that is full of young professionals. That’s Uptown Dallas !

Uptown Dallas is incredibly easy to access from Downtown Dallas. There is a free Uptown Trolley that runs from Uptown to Downtown. This trolley runs almost right by the Sendero Dallas office, about a block away!  So it’s easy to live in Uptown Dallas and go enjoy Downtown Dallas without the use of a car. Another great benefit if you live in Uptown is that you won’t have to pay for Downtown Dallas parking, which can often cost $20 a day or more!

Uptown Dallas also has a terrific feature for staying fit. It’s the 3.8 mile Katy Trail, a running trail that starts in Victory Park Dallas and extends throughout Uptown Dallas. It’s just a terrific way to get an awesome workout and meet friends as well.

The Texas Capital Bank Dallas grads we help also explore  areas near Uptown Dallas. Some of the most popular areas are  Trinity Groves Dallas, Design District Dallas, Knox Henderson Dallas, Deep Ellum Dallas and Bishop Arts Dallas.  You can schedule a free call with us to help you pick the area that is best for you: New City Orientation

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